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Don’t Loose Your Website’s Rank This Way

Posted on : 19-04-2011 | By : Claude | In : Backlinks, Link Directories


Let me tell you about my friend Mike’s website.

My friend Mike was all excited the other day. His new website had gained a page rank of 3 and was showing up as the fourth result in Google for the keywords “improving your putting”. He is promoting golf affiliate products, a very competitive niche and got his first commission payment of $216.54

Then he stumbled on an advertisement offering 10,000 directory submissions service for $10.00 and though to himself:  “What do I have to loose? 10 bucks for 10,000 backlinks is an awesome deal and that will likely step up my monthly earnings to thousands of dollars every month”.

So he went ahead and bought the service which was completed in just 9 or 10 days. Cool! Right? Yeah, traffic was increasing and sales picking up.

Then last week … traffic dropped to almost zero and yesterday his web site PR went to … unknown ??? The site wasn’t showing up in Google searches anymore. “What happenned ?” He screamed is despair.

What happened is quite common these days. Google attention was attracted by the explosion of links to his site, especially that most of those backlinks were coming from directories full of bad and spammy links. Considering the sudden change the logic behind Google automated website credibility and relevance evaluation system decided that Mike’s website was using cheating tactics and was not to be trusted anymore. As a result Mike’s website was excluded from Google index (and search results) for an unknown period of time.

You see, Google job is to provide people with the best and most trustworthy website for what they are searching for. It is only a software program, very advanced, but only a program. It can only rely on computable parameters to make the best decision it can. Even if Mike’s site was a very informative site useful to visitors, numbers were saying it was cheating.

Don’t make the same mistake and make sure your site popularity grows steadily but at a realistic rate. It is a tedious process to keep adding a few link every week but that is how a good website popularity grows … normally, and great search engines know that.

Get new backlinks your site every week and build its credibility for the long run by purchasing one of our “Natural SEO Backlinks” plans.

Comments (33)

I also applied a 5000 link blast on my site, and almost immediately, my site was de-indexed by google. But it came back on page one of google after about 3 months building manual links consistently.

If what you guys said is true, then does it mean that you can harm your competitor websites ranking by using the strategy – mass directories submission?

I found some some sites offer 500,000 submissions or more for less than $50 , I thought of using their service, I guess I am lucky I didn’t ! thanks for the information.

Hello Matt,
How embarrassing! It seems a mass links seller/hacker has used a wordpress security weakness to infiltrate the post with spammy links.
It has been fixed and tighter security will be enforced very shortly.
Thank you for the heads up.

Hello Cardiff,
I would say it sure looks like that right now but you should ask those smart PHDs at Google about this.

A while back I read an article that explained how to get a good google rating without ever submitting your site to their submission forms. Like you I was kind of shocked by this statement so I decided to give it a try..In the beginning I used to submit my site all the time to Google but soon realized the magnitude of my failure. Of course its a known fact that Google relies solely on your link popularity and content..Link Popularity?.What that means is the amount of links yousite.com listed on other sites that are related to yours!

This article somehow gives me some encouragement. I’ve been building back links to my blog at a slow rate everyday. Sometimes, I get disheartened by it but I just keep plodding on.

I definitely got inspired by your advice which indicates that I’m doing the right thing. This gives me a direction on what to do from now on. Thank you for such a nice article.

how many links would you recommend doing each week?

It all depends on the level of growth your site is at at the time. A few dozens backlinks a week can do great for a new site and a few hundreds backlinks a week for an already popular site is st reasonable.

waaaaaaaaaaw great information and i am also add my web directory on your all web directory list

how many links would you recommend doing each week?

Yes, it is true. Too many links for a short period of time is not organic and may do harm. I think that Google has a special algorithm on checking this. The number of new backlinks must be reasonable.

Nice article on Links. Links was the first thing learned how to do when we built our website. At first, I exchanged links with other people in the same and related fields. Then I looked for ways to get one-way links, but always slow and hand submitted, such as good quality directories and related area blogs. I always look at the links in the “healthy and beauty” sections of a directory before I submit. If there are lots of viagrus type listings then I bypass that directory. This is time consuming but it pays off with quality links. I still do link exchanges with sites in related fields. Now I submit links to several social sites that I belong to and I hook my Twitter account to everything that I can so my blog posts go out via Twitter on a regular basis. As you point out, it takes hard work but it is worth it.

Creating Back links takes patience and time,but in the end all your hard work will pay off.

It all depends on the level the site is at and the type of backlinks in question.
An already popular site receiving hundreds of visits each days may well profit from 5 to 20 quality links per day but a new website may well get penalized for getting hundreds of farm-like backlinks at a time.

You can get your directory added to our network by complying with our quality and partnership requirements.
Email your request to info@GoodBackLinks.net for details.

Nice post – everything true. There are service’s with even 5 bucks for 10.000 backlinks, but you will be in danger. Do backlinks manually or in logical order.

That’s right! Not all backlinks will give you results, but if you work constantly, they will improve ranking. Good luck!

Like others in this thread I had a similar experience, I ordered a baclink ‘blast’ from a seller on the warrior forum and lo and behold within 24 hours of completion my site had been de-indexed.

However unlike ‘Vita Mix 5200 Costco’s’earlier comment, I didn’t carry on building backlinks…was this a mistake? Would the site have bounced back after time?

Cheers Spybubble

I have had the site up for just over 8 weeks and I have been doing 10 to 20 links a day. I do all the linking myself. If I cut back to 30 to 40 a week would that look better to a google search?. Got conflicting advice from stores on line and PMI.

Hi thanks for the advice my website has been up and running for about 2 months now and averaging about 10-15 visits a day and ive just started back links to directories, i have 2000 directories and are submitting around 100 a day but only 70 have been listed over the last 9 days will this be an ok rate or too much?

20 back link per day isn’t too much ?
If i create a blog and i start to write about the site i want to do seo that is ok ?
It is fine to write 20 articles per day and connect them to my website ?

So should I be building backlinks using SEO Tools that allow you to submit links naturally?

When building Back links takes some time and patience, and it will help in the long run. So stay on track and don’t give up. It will make a huge differnce in your ranking..

Thank for your hard work…

This post on your site has exposed a lot of things to me as far as getting backlinks is concerned. Thanks for sharing.

I dont have time to build backlinks, but I know I need them. how would you recommend I build backlinks?i have been thinking about buying some packages are submitedge? is that good?

Thank you for information. I was about to go for this service.

You should keep building backlinks but the most naturally way possible.
Naturally, it is others, wanting to mention your site on theirs because of it valuable content, that add a link to your site for their reader’s convenience.
So do what you can to have other sites related to yours by subject or market include a link to yours with a varying text anchor.

That sounds way too much to look natural.
Think about it.
10 to 15 people generating 100 links to your site every day?
How often have you written about a site you especially liked?
Could you have posted about it 7 or 10 time in a single day?

It looks good but we never used them.
Have you considered submitting to the directories in our network?
Use our “direct to submit” directory list on https://goodbacklinks.net/directories

I agree with the others that you shulod make article submissions gradual so as to appear natural to search engines. I have no idea how many is ideal though but I heard of a site owner who did 10 article submissions each day for four months and dominated the forex niche. Also, if you are building backlinks. see to it that your keywords in anchored texts vary. Backlinks with a single keyword all linking to your site looks unnatural too.References :

Hi! It seems that backlinks should come natural way, means “slowly” , especially for brand new domains or websites.
Please do not forgett that niche directories exist. Link from quality niche directory is valuable one, as it comes from the relevant site, which cover similar topics and theme, as your website.
Quality general directories are also a great source of backlinks.

It seem Google is really trying to give best user experience for their user. Since Panda and Penguin out of the cage, many website have their effects.

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